May 31, 2010
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Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Issuing the Implementation Plan for Special Rectification on Risks in Internet Finance [Effective]
国务院办公厅关于印发互联网金融风险专项整治工作实施方案的通知 [现行有效]
Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Issuing the Implementation Plan for Special Rectification on Risks in Internet Finance 


(No. 21 [2016] of the General Office of the State Council) (国办发〔2016〕21号)

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; and all ministries and commissions of the State Council and all institutions directly under the State Council: 各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府,国务院各部委、各直属机构:
The Implementation Plan for Special Rectification on Risks in Internet Finance, with the consent of the State Council, is hereby issued for your diligent implementation. 《互联网金融风险专项整治工作实施方案》已经国务院同意,现印发给你们,请认真贯彻执行。
General Office of the State Council 国务院办公厅
April 12, 2016 2016年4月12日
Implementation Plan for Special Rectification on Risks in Internet Finance 互联网金融风险专项整治工作实施方案
Regulating the development of internet finance is an important measure of the state for accelerating the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the economic structure, and is of great significance for improving the inclusiveness of China's financial services and promoting business startups by the public and mass innovation. With the consent of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, in July 2015, the People's Bank of China and other 9 departments jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Sound Development of Internet Finance (hereinafter referred to as the “Guiding Opinions”); and relevant departments took action in a timely manner, and cracked down on and handled a group of internet financial risk cases involving large amount of illegal business, wide range, and huge social harm, which has received positive comments from the public. This Plan is developed for the purpose of implementing the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, encouraging and protecting the innovation of internet finance with true value, making rectification on the violations of laws and regulations, effectively preventing risks, establishing a long-term supervision mechanism, and promoting the regulated and orderly development of internet finance. 规范发展互联网金融是国家加快实施创新驱动发展战略、促进经济结构转型升级的重要举措,对于提高我国金融服务的普惠性,促进大众创业、万众创新具有重要意义。经党中央、国务院同意,2015年7月人民银行等十部门联合印发了《关于促进互联网金融健康发展的指导意见》(以下简称《指导意见》);有关部门及时出手,打击处置一批违法经营金额大、涉及面广、社会危害大的互联网金融风险案件,社会反映良好。为贯彻落实党中央、国务院决策部署,鼓励和保护真正有价值的互联网金融创新,整治违法违规行为,切实防范风险,建立监管长效机制,促进互联网金融规范有序发展,制定本方案。
I. Work objectives and principles   一、工作目标和原则
1. Work objectives (一)工作目标。
The requirements of the Guiding Opinions shall be implemented, various models of internet finance shall be regulated, the market competition environment shall be optimized, the situation that some modes of internet finance deviate the correct innovation direction shall be reversed, investors' risk prevention awareness shall be improved, a long-term regulatory mechanism that is suitable for the development characteristics of internet finance shall be established and improved, equal attention shall be paid to standardization and development and the simultaneous development of innovation and risk prevention shall be realized, the sound and sustainable development of internet finance shall be promoted, and the active role of internet finance in supporting business startups by the public and mass innovation shall be effectively maximized. 落实《指导意见》要求,规范各类互联网金融业态,优化市场竞争环境,扭转互联网金融某些业态偏离正确创新方向的局面,遏制互联网金融风险案件高发频发势头,提高投资者风险防范意识,建立和完善适应互联网金融发展特点的监管长效机制,实现规范与发展并举、创新与防范风险并重,促进互联网金融健康可持续发展,切实发挥互联网金融支持大众创业、万众创新的积极作用。
2. Work principles. (二)工作原则。
Illegal acts shall be cracked down and legal acts shall be protected. The boundaries between legality and illegality and between compliance and violation for various businesses shall be specified and the bottom line of law and risk shall be guarded. Lawful and compliant acts shall be protected and supported and violations of laws and regulations shall be resolutely cracked down. 打击非法,保护合法。明确各项业务合法与非法、合规与违规的边界,守好法律和风险底线。对合法合规行为予以保护支持,对违法违规行为予以坚决打击。
Resolution shall be conducted actively, steadily, and orderly. Work shall be completed steadily, appropriate measures and steps shall be followed, key problems shall be specified for different risk fields, and measures shall be implemented by category. Risks shall be differentiated according to the severity of violation of laws and regulations and the degree of social harm, risk assessment shall be completed effectively, risks shall be disposed of in an orderly and steadily manner according to the law, and the risks in the risk disposal shall be prevented. Rectification shall be insistently carried out fairly and impartially, without exception. 积极稳妥,有序化解。工作稳扎稳打,讲究方法步骤,针对不同风险领域,明确重点问题,分类施策。根据违法违规情节轻重和社会危害程度区别对待,做好风险评估,依法、有序、稳妥处置风险,防范处置风险的风险。同时坚持公平公正开展整治,不搞例外。
The division of responsibilities shall be clarified and collaboration shall be strengthened. According to the departmental functions, the specific division of responsibilities as specified in the Guiding Opinions, and the requirements of this Plan, “penetrating” supervision measures shall be taken and the responsibilities shall be specified according to the business nature. Problem orientation shall be adhered to, forces shall be concentrated to conduct rectification in the current main risk fields of internet finance, and various violations of laws and regulations shall be effectively rectified. The characteristics of internet financial activities shall be fully considered, cross-departmental and cross-regional collaboration shall be strengthened, the rectification tasks shall be jointly assumed, and the rectification responsibilities shall be jointly implemented. 明确分工,强化协作。按照部门职责、《指导意见》明确的分工和本方案要求,采取“穿透式”监管方法,根据业务实质明确责任。坚持问题导向,集中力量对当前互联网金融主要风险领域开展整治,有效整治各类违法违规活动。充分考虑互联网金融活动特点,加强跨部门、跨区域协作,共同承担整治任务,共同落实整治责任。
Short-term and long-term development shall be integrated, and rectification shall be conducted while reforming. By basing on the present, risks existed in the field of internet equity financing shall be effectively prevented and resolved and an effective deterrence shall be formed for violations of laws and regulations. By looking ahead and taking advantage of the opportunity of the special rectification, experiences shall be summarized and extracted in a timely manner, rules shall be developed, and a long-term regulatory mechanism of internet equity financing shall be established and improved. 远近结合,边整边改。立足当前,切实防范化解互联网金融领域存在的风险,对违法违规行为形成有效震慑。着眼长远,以专项整治为契机,及时总结提炼经验,形成制度规则,建立健全互联网金融监管长效机制。
II. Key rectification issues and work requirements   二、重点整治问题和工作要求
1. P2P online lending and equity crowd financing. (一)P2P网络借贷和股权众筹业务。
(1) The P2P online lending platform shall guard the legal bottom line and the policy red line and implement the nature of information intermediaries, shall not set up pool of funds, shall not grant loans, shall not raise funds illegally, shall not raise funds, shall not provide guarantee for itself, provide guarantee or promising guaranteed principal and interest on behalf of clients, mismatch maturity, divide maturity, conduct false publicity, or fabricate subject, shall not mislead lenders by fabricating or exaggerating the proceed prospect of projects and taking other measures, and shall not conduct offline marketing for business except credit information collection and verification, post-loan tracking, and mortgage and pledge management, among others. 1.P2P网络借贷平台应守住法律底线和政策红线,落实信息中介性质,不得设立资金池,不得发放贷款,不得非法集资,不得自融自保、代替客户承诺保本保息、期限错配、期限拆分、虚假宣传、虚构标的,不得通过虚构、夸大融资项目收益前景等方法误导出借人,除信用信息采集及核实、贷后跟踪、抵质押管理等业务外,不得从事线下营销。
(2) A equity crowd financing platform shall not issue false subject matters, shall not raise funds for itself, shall not “make debt investment in the name of equity investment” or conduct irregular financing in a disguised manner, shall strengthen the requirements for the performance of the information disclosure obligations and the protection of stockholder's equity, and shall not make false statements or misleading publicity. 2.股权众筹平台不得发布虚假标的,不得自筹,不得“明股实债”或变相乱集资,应强化对融资者、股权众筹平台的信息披露义务和股东权益保护要求,不得进行虚假陈述和误导性宣传。
(3) The P2P online lending platform and the equity crowd financing platform shall not engage in asset management, transfer of creditor's rights or equity, high-risk securities market margin lending, or other financial services. The P2P online lending platform and the equity crowd financing platform shall separately manage clients' funds and their own funds, follow the principle of professional operation, strictly implement the requirements for third-party depository of clients' funds, choose qualified banking financial institutions as fund custodian, and protect the security of clients' funds, and shall not embezzle or occupy clients' funds. 3.P2P网络借贷平台和股权众筹平台未经批准不得从事资产管理、债权或股权转让、高风险证券市场配资等金融业务。P2P网络借贷平台和股权众筹平台客户资金与自有资金应分账管理,遵循专业化运营原则,严格落实客户资金第三方存管要求,选择符合条件的银行业金融机构作为资金存管机构,保护客户资金安全,不得挪用或占用客户资金。
(4) Without obtaining relevant financial qualifications, real estate development enterprises, real estate intermediaries, internet financial institutions, and other institutions shall not engage in real estate financial business through the P2P online lending platform or the equity crowd financing platform; and institutions that have obtained relevant financial qualifications shall not provide real estate financial services in violation of any law or regulation. Enterprises that engage in real estate financial business shall comply with the macro-control policies and the relevant provisions on real estate financial management. To regulate “house purchasing by crowd funding” online and other acts, various institutions shall be strictly prohibited from providing services with the nature of “down payment loans.” 4.房地产开发企业、房地产中介机构和互联网金融从业机构等未取得相关金融资质,不得利用P2P网络借贷平台和股权众筹平台从事房地产金融业务;取得相关金融资质的,不得违规开展房地产金融相关业务。从事房地产金融业务的企业应遵守宏观调控政策和房地产金融管理相关规定。规范互联网“众筹买房”等行为,严禁各类机构开展“首付贷”性质的业务。
2. Implementing asset management and carrying out cross-boundary financial business through the internet. (二)通过互联网开展资产管理及跨界从事金融业务。
(1) An internet enterprise shall not carry out relevant business by relying on the internet without obtaining the relevant qualifications for financial business and shall carry out business with the nature meeting the business qualifications obtained. Internet enterprises and traditional financial enterprises shall compete on an equal footing, and maintain consistent rules of conduct and supervision requirements. By adopting the “penetrating” supervision method, the business attribute shall be determined according to the nature of business. 1.互联网企业未取得相关金融业务资质不得依托互联网开展相应业务,开展业务的实质应符合取得的业务资质。互联网企业和传统金融企业平等竞争,行为规则和监管要求保持一致。采取“穿透式”监管方法,根据业务实质认定业务属性。
(2) Without the approval of the relevant departments, various financial products privately placed shall not be sold to the public through packaging, dividing, and other forms. By adopting the “penetrating” supervision method, corresponding supervision provisions shall be implemented according to the essential attribute of business. For the sale of financial products, the investor suitability rules shall be strictly implemented, information shall be disclosed, and risks shall be warned. Products shall not be sold to clients with unmatched risk tolerance. 2.未经相关部门批准,不得将私募发行的多类金融产品通过打包、拆分等形式向公众销售。采取“穿透式”监管方法,根据业务本质属性执行相应的监管规定。销售金融产品应严格执行投资者适当性制度标准,披露信息和提示风险,不得将产品销售给与风险承受能力不相匹配的客户。
(3) Financial institutions shall not provide asset management services or avoid the supervision requirements by relying on the internet and through mixing with various asset management products. The sources of funds, intermediate links, ultimate investment, and other whole-process information shall be integrated, and the “penetrating” supervision method shall be taken to determine the essential attribute of business, the supervision responsibilities, and the rules of conduct and supervision requirements to be followed through the surface. 3.金融机构不得依托互联网通过各类资产管理产品嵌套开展资产管理业务、规避监管要求。应综合资金来源、中间环节与最终投向等全流程信息,采取“穿透式”监管方法,透过表面判定业务本质属性、监管职责和应遵循的行为规则与监管要求。
(4) An institution that has obtained a number of qualifications for financial business within a same group shall not violate the relevant business specifications on affiliated transaction, etc. In accordance with the supervision rules consistent with traditional financial enterprises, a group is required to establish a “firewall” system, comply with the supervision rules on affiliated transaction and other respects, and effectively prevent “cross infection” of risks. 4.同一集团内取得多项金融业务资质的,不得违反关联交易等相关业务规范。按照与传统金融企业一致的监管规则,要求集团建立“防火墙”制度,遵循关联交易等方面的监管规定,切实防范风险交叉传染。

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